The Space UK- Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

Jewbana – Comic Drama and a Jewish Cuban Culture Collision
When a self-involved loud stubborn Jewish Miami princess married a larger, louder and more stubborn Miami Cuban Catholic man and his entire family… she met her match.
Jewbana is a sexy, moving, autobiographical, comedy, drama, dramedy? inspired by Susie K. (Kreitman) Taylor’s life, the battle to find her place in the world by letting go of a lifetime’s baggage.

As a woman, actor, wife and mother and daughter, Taylor has always put pressure on herself to take on particular roles, to be “a pleaser”, to be “a victim” and she is acutely aware of the impact that has on identity, self-esteem and wellbeing.
The play has emerged from her work to develop a new movement technique for actors called the SURF ACTING Method (Story, Understanding, Recasting, Forgiveness). This allows them to let go of the stress imposed by a life of being other people and pandering to others. It also allows people to access other realms of perception.
In creating Jewbana Taylor took the risk of asking other people what sort of person they think she is – accepting that they might be right, then putting it on stage. 

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Premiere Night

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

"Susie transforms herself into all the major players in her life, who offer their own take on her. The result is absurdist, ribald and occasionally Fringe Review"

"Excellent Show"

"As Susie Kreitman Taylor introduces us to her family..... we recognize people we all know, perhaps even our own family"

"It is plainly evident that we are in the realms of fantasy and absurdity."  

 "I wondered what her family would make of this, especially as she launches into her well observed impersonations of her teenage sons and then her gum chewing golf obsessed husband. "

"This is hard work to perform – physical, full on and brazen, but meticulously planned and delivered, sharp as a pin. A bizarre, madcap adventure of a show, something different for sure, but also something expertly performed and heart felt in its self-awareness and humor.  Simply, an excellent show."

-  Fringe Review

Swamp Space Premiere

October 19th 2019

"Jewbana was absolutely hysterical, contemporary and at the same time personal in that through the monologue, the actress was able to portray an array of characters including both her sons, her sister, her mother, mother-in-law, ex-husband and husband"

" While in fact, I did not know Susie, I felt like I did by the end of the show."

"Susie truly took us on a trajectory laced with a marijuna edible-related experience but I won’t divulge any further details as you must see this heartwarming show for yourself!"

Los Bandidos del Arte Magazine

Jewbana on location

July 20, 2019


A Jewish Cuban Cultural Collision






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