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Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
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Have you been healing others and need some healing yourself?

Are you truly sick of yourself and the character you have been currently playing?

Are you creatively jammed?

Have you tried everything but nothing lasts?

Are you 100% ready to GET OVER YOURSELF?!

SURF is a four-step process that uses movement and music to help move emotion and perspective in the body.


The four steps, Story, Understand, Recast, and Flow, are emotionally designed by combining theater, movement, and spiritual modalities.


SURF is the practice of getting out of character while strengthening one's own emotional intelligence ( EQ) 

The SURF Method

SURF isn’t therapy and it isn’t healing. It is a creative actors’ method out of the madness.
Scary? Yes. LOVING? 100% Nice? Maybe…

Think of it as an emotional spartan race. You will be challenged and scared but in the end, you will feel emotionally sound all while having a fun-filled creative experience.





Find a song that represents your current state and we will film a selfie of it



By understanding visually, viscerally, and with others point of view, you’ll witness your story’s bullshit/truth and exit opportunity




By taking the opportunity to re-remember and rewrite our story we will explore another character that might feel better




 Through truly forgiving ourselves and all those we villanize in our victimhood we will find a future SELF that is free to flow

You may be wondering ... Who is SURF for? 

Actors, Dancers and

Anyone who is stuck in a character professionally or personally

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
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The Creator

Susie K. Taylor


A daughter,  Mom, Wife, Actor, and Coach.


She has spent 10 years manifesting this for herself while healing over the loss of her father and creating work through healed creative energy and teaching and training actors and others in the movement method.

Susie is a LOVER who thrives for well-being and authenticity. She believes in resolving trauma to heal past pain through movement and music. Her joy is found in detaching from charges in order to create a blank slate.


Some of Susie's Past roles in life include fitness professional, pole dancing instructor, and inventor of bibbitec the Ultimate Bib, which appeared on  Shark Tank.

Susie's solo show JEWBANA was created through the SURF method.  Her method was taught to professional Dancers and will be used in creating her next solo show being developed with The Cell in NYC.

She lives in Miami with her wonderful husband, two beautiful boys, and their dog Tipps

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Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

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